Introducing GSA Keyword Research

No Monthly Fees and Free Updates for Life!

demonstration of GSA keyword research software filling in SEO data
A powerful keyword research and competition analysis tool with no keyword or project limits, no monthly fees to use the software, and free updates for life!

Stop wasting time with tedious and time-consuming keyword research and let our efficient, multi-threaded software do the heavy lifting for you.

With GSA Keyword Research, you can easily find thousands of golden long-tail keywords and perform in-depth competition analysis without wasting countless hours visiting competitor’s websites or manually searching Google.

 GSA Keyword research took many months to develop and has grown from a simple keyword suggestion scraper to a full-blown keyword research and competition analysis software. 

What makes GSA Keyword Research stand out above the rest?

GSA has been developing software for over a decade, and during that time, has created some of the most popular tools used by SEO's and digital marketers all around the world. After months of beta testing and development, we are confident that our new software rivals and surpasses many of the more expensive keyword tools available today. 

Our powerful new software will save you time, money, and make keyword research a breeze!

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Free Updates For Life!
No Monthly Fees!

Powerful Keyword Scraping Engine

Steal Profitable Keywords Directly from Competitors!

Harvest thousands of keywords from over 65 sources including Google Suggest, Google Questions, Quora (questions), Reddit, YouTube, Yahoo, Amazon, Wikipedia and many more. The multi-threaded scraper is fast, efficient, and can scrape thousands upon thousands of keywords without skipping a beat! 

Additionally, you can extract and steal keywords directly from your competitor’s websites!
Harness the Power of N-grams

While most keyword tools only generate keywords from Google's Keyword Planner, common keyword suggest sources or a keyword database, GSA Keyword Research takes it a step further by harnessing the power of N-grams. 

Our feature rich software uses N-grams to analyze the content of the top ranking websites for any keyword, then gives keyword suggestions based on keyword usage, phrasing, density and more.

This powerful feature allows you to see exactly which keywords the search engines want you to include in your content to achieve first page rankings!

software screen showing the available scraping options

Below are just a few examples of what GSA Keyword Research powerful scraper can do!  

Questions & Topics - Scrape niche-related topics and questions from popular sources like Reddit, Google Questions, Quora and more
N-gram keywords – Add recommended N-gram keyword suggestions to your content to match and outrank your competitors
Keyword Suggestions - Scrape keyword suggestions from Google, Yahoo, Youtube, Bing, Ask, and many more popular sources
Product & Niche Ideas – Scrape products and categories to brainstorm niche ideas from sites like Amazon, Ebay, Yippy, Alibaba and more
GSA Keyword research can generate keywords from over 65 different sources and more are being added all the time!  
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Quickly Build and Filter Large Keyword Lists

software screen showing the keyword filtering options
No need to waste time manually scrolling through big keyword lists to find the perfect keywords.

GSA Keyword Research fast filtering options make it easy to remove keywords that don't meet your requirements.

Listed below are a few example keyword filters

Keyword - Keyword must be present in phrase
Source - Filter keywords by the source (where they were scraped)
Min-Max SEO Score - Filter by keyword difficulty
Easy Platform - Filter out or keep keywords that have specific domains ranking in the top 10 
Search Results - Filter by Google Search Results count
Search Volume - Filter by min/max Google Search Volume
Cost Per Click - Filter by min/max CPC
Keyword Intent - Filter by Navigational, Informational, or Transactional keyword intent
Word Count -  Filter by min/max amount of words in the keyword phrase

Quick SERP Competition Snapshot

Quickly Analyze your Competition

Software demonstration of SERP Competition Module
With the SERP snapshot view you can quickly see if a keyword is worth pursuing before spending time with more in-depth competition analysis.

Get a quick snapshot of the top 10 ranking websites complete with important metrics such as keyword in , H₁, H₂, URL, Trust Flow, Citation Flow, Page Authority, Domain Authority, Backlink Count and more.

Generate White Label SEO Reports

Generate unlimited reports which include valuable SEO suggestions you can quickly implement on you or your clients websites to help achieve higher rankings. 

Reports can be exported in HTML, PDF, CSV and TXT formats. HTML format gives you the power to easily style and brand White Label reports for all of your clients.

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We offer the best discount available. Use coupon code "GSARocks" during checkout to get $10 off.


In-Depth Competition Analysis

Steal Profitable Keywords Directly from Competitors!

demonstration of GSA Keyword Research Competition Matrix performing competitor analysis

Easily Spy and Outrank your Competitors

GSA Keyword Research performs in-depth competition research by analyzing the top 10-100 websites ranking in the search engines for any keyword you choose. It then offers suggestions on how to improve your website rankings based on thousands of ranking factors.

The software automatically analyzes competitors websites, takes the average of the top 3, top 5 or top 10 ranking websites, then compares your website to see which changes you should make to compete with the top ranking pages.

Improving your website rankings is as easy as implementing the SEO suggestions provided by the software. All of the on-page and off-page analysis is handled at the click of a button, and at lightning speed!

Listed Below is a Small Sample of the Thousands of SEO Factors Analyzed

On-Page Level SEO Factors

Competitor Content-Length for Ranking Pages
Competitor H1-H6 Tag Count for Ranking Pages
Competitor Keywords and Keyword Variations
Competitor Keyword density
Competitor Keyword in , URL, Description, Image ALT, Body, Header, Meta, and more
Competitor Internal/External Links, Anchors with KW %, Links with KW
Domain Age, Whois, Country TLD
Much more!

Off-Page Level SEO Factors

Citation Flow, Trust Flow
Page Authority, Domain Authority
Links to Domain, External Backlinks, Referring Domains
Link Industries, Link Context, Link Influence Score %
Indexed URLs
Facebook Shares & Comments, Pinterest Pins
Domain Age, Whois, Country TLD
Keywords Ranking in Top 3, 10, 50, and 100
Much more!
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Software Features

Powerful Scraper

Generate Thousands of Keyword Ideas from over 50 sources

Supports Languages

Multi-Language and Search Engine Support

Outrank Competitors

Analyze and Steal Competitors Keywords

Analyze and Rank

Quickly Perform In-Depth On-Page and Off-Page Analysis for Any Website

Help Clients Rank

Audit and Improve Clients Websites

Powerful Audit Engine

Offers SEO Suggestions Based on Thousands of Ranking Factors

Generate Unlimited Reports

Generate Full SEO Reports For You and Your Clients

No Limits

No Keyword or Project Limits or Extra Fees

Support Forum

Join our Active Community to Share Strategies, Suggest Features and more
The best part about GSA software is the outstanding support and developer interaction with the community. Customers often request many of the added software features. If you have an idea for a useful feature, don't hesitate to share it on the GSA Community Forum!

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